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Worlds Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

World’s Finest Chocolate

Most Money Earned.

Least Amount of Time.


Easy to Sell

High Quality Chocolate

Up to 50% Profit

World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraisers

World’s Finest Chocolate fundraisers are the most trusted name in school fundraising.  These well-loved products are sold in more schools than any other fundraiser in America.  With over $4 billion in profits to schools and organizations, it is the easiest way to raise the most money in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.  Your group can receive up to 5o% profit, with most receiving between $24 to $25 profit per box sold. Plus, you can earn FREE chocolate based on the size of your order. Made in the USA.

Poppin Pack Fundraising Popcorn Box

The $1 Bar


Just $1! That’s right. You can sell World’s Finest Chocolate bars for $1. It’s a rare opportunity to sell a quality chocolate product at such a low price and earn your group a lot of money. Put a box on your desk at work and see how well they sell.

6 Delicious Flavors

Our World’s Finest Chocolate comes packed in boxes of 60 with these 6 incredible flavors,

  • 12 Caramel
  • 12 Almond
  • 12 W.F. Crisp
  • 12 Wafer
  • 6 Milk Chocolate
  • 6 Dark Chocolate

Made in the U.S.A.

World’s Finest Chocolate has been providing U.S.A. made chocolate bars as a source of group and school fundraising since 1949. They manufacture their chocolate from bean to bar using only the finest quality ingredients and are individually wrapped in their signature packaging that proudly announces that they ARE the “World’s Finest Chocolate”.

Getting Started Is Easy

Select Fundraiser Dates

The first step is to select your World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser dates. Most groups sell for 3 weeks. Watch how easily money rolls in only days after starting

Decide How You Want to Sell

You can sell World’s Finest Chocolate products either in-hand directly to your supporters, which allows for repeat business, or with a pre-sell flyer in which your supporters place orders one time and receive their chocolate later. Because supporters can return for more chocolate during the fundraiser, in-hand sales always raise more money than when using pre-sell flyers.

Pick a Goal

Decide how much money you need to raise for your school, group, or classroom. Create and post progress posters around the school so your students can see their success.

Promote Your Fundraiser

Create buzz about your World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser by kicking off the sale to your group members, posting on social media sites, and reminding group members to continue selling to raise money to reach your goal.

Sell World's Finest Chocolate Bars

Send home a permission slip for parents to sign, agreeing to take care of the chocolate bars, sell them, and return with the money. When you receive the chocolate order, check out a box to each group member who turned in their signed forms. We recommend distributing one box at a time per family on the honor system. Once a group member has turned in money for the first box, they can check out another one. Your group members will love the attention they receive from friends, family, and other potential customers when they show up with a box of World’s Finest Chocolate bars.

Award Prizes

Motivate group member participation in the fundraiser with prize incentives. Need some suggestions? King Fundraising can help you find the right way to reward your members and get them excited to raise a lot of money.

Want to know more about how to run a successful World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser?

Watch this Video.

Worlds Finest Chocolate Profits

Click to Enlarge

Over $100,000 Sold

See how this school manages it’s fundraising success.

“It is a lot of fun, and it’s one of the highlights of the year—the World’s Finest Chocolate Sale.”

Proudly Serving These Alabama and Mississippi Counties

In Alabama

Baldwin, Buttler, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Covington, Dallas, Escambia, Marengo, Mobile, Monroe, Sumter, Washington, and Wilcox Counties

In Mississippi

Forrest, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Lamar, Pearl River, Perry, and Stone Counties.

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