Why Classic Cookie’s Cookie Dough

When only the BEST will do! Classic Cookie uses only the best ingredients and best delivery system. We are the only company to guarantee delivery date and time. The Classic Cookie is made with nature’s finest ingredients and mixed with a touch of Southern Pride that will melt your heart and warm your smile.  Your group keeps 40% profit on all sales in this program.

Classic Cookie’s Catalog Fundraisers

40% Profit to your school or group!

Top Seller!

This 16-page brochure has something for everyone. With edible and pre-portioned cookie dough, your favorite Cinnabon products, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, cheesecakes, soups, dips, and pizza snacks, your customers will be excited to purchase these products and support you fundraiser.

Perfect for small groups!

This 4-page brochure has a great mix of delicious cookie dough, as well as Auntie Anne’s pretzel products.

The more your sell – the more you make!

Raise more money with your other fundraisers by adding this brochure to any of our other programs to help increase profits. Because we offer a guaranteed delivery date and time, its simple to combine this cookie dough fundraiser with our other fundraising programs.

Defrost, enjoy, and raising a lot of money in the process!

Great for large groups like bands and choirs that are looking for something different to help raise money for trips and uniforms! These quality cheesecakes are always popular for a ready to serve dessert.

Classic Cookie’s In-hand Fundraiser

Classic Cookies’ The Greatest Cookie in-hand fundraiser program is a great way to raise money for repeat customers.  Classic Cookie is known for their quality products, and these pre-baked cookies will have your customers coming back for more. 

Your group or school can make up to 45% profit.  Ask how to get FREE shipping and some FREE cases of cookies to help your group raise even more money. Public schools and public school groups can pre-order and are extended 21 days from the product delivery before the order invoice is due.  Minimum order is 1 master case (3 kits)

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