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Online Fundraisers

Raise Money from Out-of-Town and Local Customers with our Online Store

Perfect for All Ages

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Incredible Profits

Enjoy the Ease and Profits Your Group’s Own Online Fundraiser

The Future of Fundraising Is Here

Online fundraising is a great way for small and large groups alike to raise money for their school or organization. All it takes is a few clicks to register your student as a participant. Your members can then promote the online store with the unique Participant ID on social media or by emailing their friends and family. Whether your customers are local or elsewhere within the continental United States, they can support your fundraiser with purchases through your online store. Our online fundraising program offers your group a 40% profit.

While our online fundraising program works best when paired with a catalog sale, it can also be done on its own.

So Many Benefits to Online Fundraising?

Reach and Visibility

The Online store reaches your supporters anywhere in the continental United States. Anyone who sees your students’ and parents’ social media posts are likely a potential customer, greatly increasing your opportunity for sales. Encourage friends and family to share the online store on their social media as well to reach even more people.


Just a few clicks and some basic contact information and your group can raise a lot of money. Enroll your group today and follow our instructions on how to register your members as participants with a unique identification number that lets you know how much they’re selling. No money collection is required—the computer software does it for you when it takes the customers’ credit card and debit card payments. It’s that easy!
Online fundraisers<br />


Your supporters can choose from hundreds of quality products at reasonable prices. The online catalog offers a wide variety of options like books, gardening supplies, organizational tools, dry mixes, picture frames, and much more. Check out our great selection at www.forFundsonine.com and contact us today to get started.

Getting Started Is Easy

Contact King Fundraising
First, contact King Fundraising to discuss your fundraising goals and objectives. A fundraising consultant will explain how online fundraising works and help you determine if it is the best choice for your group.
Register Your Fundraising Participants
After a King Fundraising consultant enrolls you into our online program, we will provide a unique project identification number and explain how your members can sign up as participants and promote the group’s online store.
Student Fundraisers Invite Family and Friends
Once your members have signed up and logged into their accounts, they can use the sales tools available to them to promote your online fundraiser.  These tools make it easy to share on social media and through emails as they provide your buyers with links and numbers that connect sales to your sellers’ and groups’ accounts.
Watch the Money Roll In
Once your members promote the group’s online store, customers from across the continental United States can purchase products. Remind your members to keep promoting the store daily. You can also monitor the chairperson login account for daily sales reports. Products drop ship directly to customer’s shipping addresses. No order distributions are needed for online sales.
Receive Your Online Fundraiser Profits
With most online stores paird with a catalog sale, King Fundraising will credit profits from online orders on the same invoice at the end of the fundraiser.
Got questions? We have answers. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding online fundraisers.

Check Out Our Online Fundraising Brochure

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Our Online Fundraising Program Is Available Nation Wide

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Classic Cookie

Our Classic Cookie Fundraising program gives you choices that will please all your school supporters. From cookie dough to candles and soup kits, there is something for everyone. Plus, every sale made from our Classic Cookie Dough catalogue earns 40% profit for your school or organization.

World's Finest Chocolate

World’s Finest Chocolate fundraisers have earned schools and organizations over $4 billion in profits. You can earn as much as 45% profit with our World's Finest Chocolate fundraisers making them the easiest way to raise the most amount of money.

Poppin Popcorn

Make your next fundraiser a Poppin Popcorn Fundraiser. Our popcorn products come in three delicious flavors—Caramel, White Cheddar, and Chicago Style. Earn 40% or 50% profit. You get to decide.

Lil Shopper Shoppe

What could be more practical than a really fun fundraiser that also fulfils a purpose. That's exactly what you will get when you hold a Lil' Shopper's Shoppe Fundraiser with King Fundraising. Your students will have a blast shopping independently in the safety of their own school while also earning money for their fundraising needs.

Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is the newest in fundraising programs. And the best part is that it doesn't require any door-to-door selling making it one of the safest options for everyone from young children to teens. Our online fundraising program can earn your school or organization 40%, and all you have to do is promote your fundraiser online.

SaveAround Coupon Book

Are you looking for an easy fundraising program that supports your school or organization, promotes local businesses, and saves money for people in your community? If so, then a SaveAround Coupon Book fundraiser might be perfect for you. With 50% of every $25 book sold going to your organization, your fundraising event is sure to be a success.