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Motivating member participation in a fundraiser is one of the most important aspects to the fundraising process. The more members of the group you can recruit to help — and get them to help in bigger ways — the more money you will raise. Whether you use one of our turnkey, prize programs or come up with one of your own, we highly recommend having a plan to garner their support beyond simply asking them to sell the products.
It can be something small like a collectible keychain for elementary-school-aged children, in which they put around a lanyard to show everyone how much they are helping, like a merit badge of sorts. Magic shows or bringing a video game truck experience to the school is unique and not readily available to most families, which would make those types of event based prizes appealing to parents with young children.
For older participants, you may opt for money prizes or a big event experience like a BMX bike show or gift card drawings or money envelopes with varying amounts of cash as a game to see which participants win the most money. You don’t have to invest a lot to make the process fun and something they want to do. Watch how excited they get to help if the principal at the school agrees to let the top 10 sellers spray them with a can of silly-string in front of the entire student body at a pep-rally or general assembly.
Let us help you come up with some ideas to increase your group’s participation in the fundraiser. Contact us today to discuss your goals and help you think through process as your partners in raising the money you need.

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