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Worlds Finest Chocolate Fundraising

World’s Finest Chocolate

King Fundraising is a proud World’s Finest Chocolate distributor. With this traditional chocolate bar fundraiser, your school fundraiser can earn as much as 45% profit from sales. With no catalogs, no customer orders, and no post-event distribution of products, the World’s Finest Chocolate fundraisers may be the easiest (and most profitable) fundraiser you ever hold.

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Classic Cookie

Our Classic Cookie fundraiser includes a 16-page brochure filled with cookie dough, Cinnabon products, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, cheesecakes, and snacks. It’s a little of everything sweet to make sure you have items that anyone will want.

Classic Cookie Fundraiser | King Fundraising
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Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe

What if holiday shopping profits went to your school instead of to random stores’ bank accounts. Let’s further Imagine having a school fundraiser where younger children, who would otherwise have to shop with their parents, could purchase gifts, practice independent decision making, and enjoy the experience of giving gifts that they purchased all by themselves. That’s exactly what the Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe provides.

Poppin Popcorn

Like World’s Finest Chocolates, our Poppin Popcorn fundraiser offers great profits (40 to 50%) without the hassle of catalogs, order forms, and post event distribution. Unlike chocolate sales events, Poppin Popcorn allows you the flexibility to set your price point and as a result, the percent of profit earned. Your supporters can choose from three mouth watering flavors including, Buttery Caramel, White Cheddar, and Sweet-and-Salty Chicago style popcorn.

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Save Around

Everyone loves a discount, but our coupon book does more than just keep money in your wallet. It is also a great way to support your school and local merchants at the same time. When your supporters purchase a $25 SaveAround coupon book from your school fundraiser, they get over $5,000 in local and national savings, most of which can be spent right in their own community to buy things that they would have bought anyways. 

Online Fundraising

The internet has changed the way we do just about everything, including fundraising. In just a few clicks, your child can share their fundraising event with people they know and don’t know, both locally and across the nation, and from the safety of their own home. That means no more knocking on random doors and hoping for the best. With our online fundraising program, your supporters can choose from candles, jewelry, drinkware, and so much more while you earn money for your school, church, or club.

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McKenzie High School

“This is the easiest fundrasing company I have ever worked with in my administration career, and we also made great money […] We were doing one fundraiser a year with King Fundraising. Now we are doing two a year.”

Miles Brown, Principal


Central Baldwin Middle School

“Without the fundraising that they’ve been able to help us with, quite frankly, we wouldn’t have the things we have been able to purchase. […] The process was very easy. They were very motivating and enthusiastic when we had our assemblies with the students, and they just did a really great job.”


Phillip Fountain, Principal



What People Are Saying…

“Working with Peter and Kenny was a great experience. They Make everything so easy. Peter is always checking in with me to make sure that we have everything we need. We never have to worry about small details because it is already taken care of. Peter is always available to answer any questions. Best fundraiser experience ever!”

Lee Ann McPhaul, Principal at Excel School

“World’s Finest Chocolate and King Fundraising helped us raise over $64,000 allowing a number of students to make the Parade of Roses trip that otherwise would not have been able to enjoy our trip to California.”

Niceville High School Band

“My favorite thing about King Fundraising is how easy they make the process for me.  They are always prepared ahead of time to get packets out.  The kick-off is planned well in advance, so I never have to worry if they are ready.  The products are always delivered in a timely, organized manner.  We follow their tips and suggestions which helps maximize our success”

Nina Merritt, PTA president at Central Elementary School

“I worked with King Fundraising on a Worlds Finest Chocolate sale and could not have been happier.  From the very first phone call to sit-down visits till the end they were with me all the way.  Without them, I am not sure we would have been as successful as we were.  We ended up selling 63,000 + chocolate bars.  I would highly recommend them”

Jesse Mason, band booster president at Niceville High School band

“King Fundraising’s tips and suggestions, along with the best product in fundraising, helped the band sell over $30,000 in World’s Finest Chocolate with only 90 students participating!”

Katy Stallings, band booster president at St. Martin High School band

So Much Is Riding on Your School Fundraiser

We often hear about teachers dipping into their own bank accounts for classroom supplies and low-cost extra-curricular activities, but what about the big stuff? What about…

  • Sports uniforms for 10 or even 30 students?
  • Trips to cheer competitions across the country?
  • Expensive band equipment or art supplies?
  • Books or technology for the classroom?
  • Assembly speakers and student development programs?

And guess what. They are all looking to you, the teacher, the school administrator, or the PTA parent to make this happen.

Kids love school fundraisers

Expectations Are High

But with King Fundraising at your side, you can be the hero.


King Fundraising offers a full-service fundraising experience for schools, bands, choirs, other music programs, sports groups, churches, and non-profit organizations. And the best part is…

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We Prepare!

From beginning to end, we give you a proven plan for your school fundraiser success. This includes parent letters, student motivation,  and catalogs. We can even help you navigate your school’s fundraising policies and procedures.

We Deliver!

We make delivery too easy to believe. All you do is select a day and time for delivery. We deliver and unload every box at your location. Then we stage and organize the products, so you can easily distribute them to your team.

We Reward!

When your fundraising event is over, we give you a spreadsheet that shows who won the prizes that, you guessed it, we help you provide. Prizes include everything from toys for younger children to a video game truck for older children.

You Get to Be the Star!

Imagine seeing your students’ excitement as they embark on a class adventure or the school football team wearing their school pride in their new uniforms. You did that. You made that happen.

Want an EXTRA $200 for your group NOW?

New Customer Incentive Bonus!

*Contact your King Fundraising Sales Rep for details.

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