Raise money with one of America’s favorite snacks — POPCORN!

We are very excited to guide you through our “stress-free fundraising” programs! Our Popcorn Fundraising offers a healthier product that’s easy to sell and provides exciting incentives & rewards that encourage robust participation from your fundraising team. You get to set the price between $2 or $3 per snack bag, allowing your organization to earn 40% profit or 50% profit — you choose! Flavors like Buttery Caramel, White Cheddar, and the sweet-and-salty Chicago Style will get your customers coming back for more and more. Keep reading for more details. Let’s get poppin’!

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Ready-To-Eat Popcorn!

poppin popcorn farm to table fundraising for schools and groups

Poppin Popcorn’s “Poppin Pack” program is an easy, food-based fundraiser that raises substantial funds for school, church, sports, and community groups with three delicious flavors of snack-size bags of popcorn.

Time to get your snack on!

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No Catalogs!

No Order Forms!

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Here’s How It Works

You choose either the $2 Program or the $3 Program, based on the profit you want.

Poppin Popcorn’s in-hand popcorn fundraiser gives the students the product upfront to sell directly so there is no catalog or order forms needed! The school orders a certain number of boxes upfront, and each student that participates takes a box out to sell.

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Program Details

30 Snack Bags in each student carrying box:
10 Caramel, 10 White Cheddar, and 10 Chicago Style (cheesy cheddar & caramel popcom flavors combined)

The school orders the popcorn by the case; 4 carrying boxes per case (i.e, 8 boxes = 2 cases).

$2 Program

$36 cost per box with a resale value of $60, profiting the group $24 per box.

$3 Program

$45 cost per box with a resale value of $90, profiting the group $45 per box.

Since we began, we have helped schools make over $4,000,000!

If you have questions, we have answers. King Fundraising is a premier full-service fundraising company. Our quality products are easy for schools and groups to sell. Our customer service and sales team will help guide you through every step of the process from the initial phone call to the day of delivery. The students LOVE our motivational incentives, like the Magic Shows, BMX Bike Performances, and of course the all-age favorite- the Video Game Truck!

Let the King Fundraising

help you raise the money your school or group needs!

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